SKAKO (One-pager): Danish industrial machinery developer recovering after Covid-19

Today we post our updated one-pager on SKAKO, a Danish industrial machinery developer operating two different business units, SKAKO Concrete and SKAKO Vibrations. SKAKO Concrete is engaged in developing, marketing, and delivering machinery, industrial vibratory equipment, and/or complete concrete plants.

Analyse31.05.2023 af Philip Coombes, Rasmus Køjborg
Pharma Equity Group - (One Pager): Initiation of the company

Learn more about PEG (Pharma Equity Group) and its first investment Reponex. Read this 1-pager.

Analyse30.05.2023 af Claus Thestrup, Henrik Ekman
Inderes Group - A clear plan for Swedish expansion - SEB

In its CMD today Inderes provided a clear message how to transform a true Nordic player over the strategy period. To us it seems the Swedish market is the must win battle and the rest will follow.

Asetek (one-pager): a PC liquid cooling leader expanding into SimSports

Today we post our updated one-pager on Asetek, a Danish company that designs, manufactures, and sells high-end gaming hardware and is a leading supplier of liquid cooling solutions for computer enthusiasts and gamers to major OEM gaming brands and also scaling up its SimSports activities.

Analyse25.05.2023 af Philip Coombes, Rasmus Køjborg
Software-as-a-Service sector report - May 2023: Have headwinds peaked?

From a valuation perspective, the sector has been hit by a higher interest rate environment, which potentially could have peaked. At the same time, we have seen a lower growth rate in Q1 2023 from the listed global SaaS companies, which is now closer to Gartner's projected 2023 SaaS global market growth.

Analyse24.05.2023 af Kasper Lihn
Skjern Bank (One-pager): Regnskabet for Q1 2023 bekræfter en solid start på året

Efter et solidt regnskab for 1. kvartal 2023 fra Skjern Bank har vi opdateret vores investment case one-pager på banken. Her finder du finansielle nøgletal, beskrivelse af investeringscasen, muligheder og risici, samt en opdateret peer group med mindre og mellemstore børsnoterede pengeinstitutter i Danmark. Læs med her...

Analyse23.05.2023 af Rasmus Køjborg, Philip Coombes
Vestjysk Bank (One-pager): Stærk start på 2023

Vestjysk Bank er i lighed en lang række andre pengeinstitutter kommet godt fra start i 2023, og har allerede opjusteret sine helårsforventninger en gang. Vi har opdateret vores investment case one-pager, så hvis du ønsker et hurtigt overblik over Vestjysk Bank, og hvordan aktien handler relativt til andre mindre og mellemstore pengeinstitutter i Danmark, kan du læse med her...

Analyse22.05.2023 af Rasmus Køjborg, Philip Coombes
Sparekassen Sjælland-Fyn (One-pager): Fortsat udsigt til attraktivt afkast fra udbytte og aktietilbagekøb

Bliv klogere på Sparekassen Sjælland-Fyn, og få et let og hurtigt overblik over aktien via vores opdaterede investment case one-pager. Læs mere her....

Analyse19.05.2023 af Rasmus Køjborg, Philip Coombes
BankNordik (One-pager): Fortsat udsigt til attraktive udbytter

Efter regnskabet for Q1 2023 har vi opdateret vores investment case one-pager på BankNordik. Banken har tidligere fremsat nogle opdaterede mål for 2024 der giver plads til yderligere og fortsat attraktive udbytte betalinger i de kommende år. Læs mere her...

Analyse18.05.2023 af Rasmus Køjborg, Philip Coombes
Scandinavian Medical Solutions (One-pager): God start på regnskabsåret 2022/2023 med to opjusteringer i år

Efter sidste uges opjustering af forventningerne til regnskabsåret 2022/2023 og gårsdagens regnskab for første halvår har vi opdateret vores investment case one-pager på Scandinavian Medical Solutions.

Analyse17.05.2023 af Kasper Lihn
Danske Bank (One-pager): A leading Nordic bank and the largest in Denmark

Today we post an updated One-pager on Danske Bank, updating the investment case following Q1 2023, and as markets look towards the company updating its strategic priorities and financial targets on 7th June 2023.

Analyse17.05.2023 af Philip Coombes, Rasmus Køjborg
Agillic (One-pager): New largest shareholder supports the growth strategy

We have updated the investment case one-pager following Agillic's Q1 report and the announcement of Viking Venture as the new largest shareholder, including a capital injection of approx. DKK 22.5m and two board positions.

Analyse15.05.2023 af Kasper Lihn
NTG|Nordic Transport Group (One-pager): Solving global transport complexities with freight solutions

Today we post our updated One-pager on NTG|Nordic Transport Group, outlining the updated investment case following Q1 2023 earnings. The company looks towards more stable freight rates following a first quarter of 2023 affected by weakening macroeconomic conditions.

Analyse12.05.2023 af Philip Coombes, Rasmus Køjborg
Fortum: From the shadows of Russia towards the light

The company's Q1 results were well above our expectations, but the most important part of yesterday's performance was the cutting of Russia from the group. Although this will again put a big dent in the balance sheet, the company will withstand this blow and the financial situation is quite good. The journey from the gloom of Russia toward the light is underway, but this is not reflected in the valuation.

Analyse12.05.2023 af Juha Kinnunen