ExpreS2ion Biotechnologies – Presentation of Q2 interim report 2023

Today, ExpreS2ion Biotechnologies released its Q2 2023 results and, more importantly, announced a review of its strategy, pipeline, and organization to materially extend the runway in a tight funding market. This includes, among others, a pause of the breast cancer candidate. With focus on the strategy announcement, the company’s CEO Bent Frandsen and CFO Keith Alexander presented the implications and potential effect of the strategy review, noting that this is in the first inning. 

ExpreS2ion Biotechnologies is a Danish biotechnology company, which focuses on the development of vaccines for diseases such as COVID-19, influenza, and breast cancer through the use of its non-viral Drosophila S2 cells-based expression system.


HC Andersen Capital receives payment from ExpreS2ion Biotechnologies for a Corporate Visibility/Digital IR subscription agreement. /Michael Friis 13.30 PM 28-04-2023.